Sunday, July 21

Graham Linehan banned from Twitter following concerted campaign to silence his views

Graham Linehan has been permanently banned from Twitter following a concerted effort by gender activists to mass report his account.

The award-winning comedy writer and pro-women’s rights campaigner was the subject of a long-running campaign to silence his views on gender ideology, and the loss of women-only spaces.

Twitter opted to take permanent action after mass-reporting continued, bowing down to the gender activists. A spokesperson for Twitter said: “The account has been permanently suspended.”

Abusive trans activists celebrate Linehan’s suspension with vile insults

In recent years Linehan has become one of the loudest voices defending the rights of women and children, supported by hundreds of thousands of followers.

His time on Twitter was characterised by frequent attacks against him from trans-rights activists and was repeatedly subjected to verbal abuse and harassment.

The news of his suspension is being widely celebrated by abusive gender activists on Twitter, many of whom had harrassed Linehan over many years.

No LGBTQ+ or trans activist groups have ever called out this abuse against Graham, or others whose believe in biological sex and rights for women.

Here is a small sample of some of this abuse.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and we have chosen to leave out many of the most abusive tweets.

At time of publication these posts were all available to view on Twitter.

This abuse has never once been called out by gender activist groups or supporters, many of whom are far too willing to remain silent on the issue of online abuse.