Wednesday, June 12

About The State Media

Welcome, weary traveller.

If you’ve found this page I guess it’s because you’re either a fan of The State, or want to see us cancelled and the earth beneath us salted.

Sadly they seem to be the only two options for a lot of people these days.

We’re trying to address a lot of issues facing the UK and wider world, from a position of truth, science, common sense and basic human decency. There seems to be a lack of that these days.

What we are not:

Politically aligned: We want to remain as apolitical as possible.

Biased: Taking sides isn’t our thing. We want to be free to call out any problematic behaviour from anywhere.

Funded by left or right wing billionaires: We’re basically broke, so although we wish this were true, it isn’t. I mean, if you want to donate then by all means do so, but we won’t be pushing anyone’s agenda.

A news site: We’re providing our own commentary on news and events, not providing news ourselves.

Woke: We aren’t going to push any ultra-left wing agenda, and our language choices may not fit with what you want to hear. Tough.

Fascist: We aren’t going to push any ultra-right wing agenda.

Corporate: We don’t give a shit what big corporations want us to do

Religious: We’re all atheists, but respect other people’s rights to believe whatever they want. As long as they’re respectful towards others.

Racist: We abhor racism in all forms.

Transphobic or homophobic: We abhor bullying in any form and condemn transphobia and homophobia.

We’re basically striving for truth and decency. We know not everyone is perfect, and sometimes we can vent or moan, but that’s slightly different to running with a large mob or being toxic or abusive towards other people.

Oh, and we’re not hippies either.

Actually one of us was, but he’s generally tuned out to things now so just makes the tea.

If you want to submit a piece for publication, donate to keep the lights on, tell us how wonderful we are or send us photos of your pets, you can do so at

If you want to criticise us, complain, try and take us down, moan, whinge or cry about something we’ve said, why not write it all down and post it to yourself.

We hope you like our articles. Or at least tolerate their existence.

Thank you for reading,