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Gender Ideology – Sources and Credits

Part One: Civil War

Footage of the Lebanese Civil War was taken from CaspianReport’s truly excellent series of videos on historical conflicts.

Additional footage and information came from SoScorpio’s in-depth look into the Lebanese Civil War

Part Two: Positioning

Flags and information taken from MyUmbrella LGBT+, a volunteer led sub-organisational project of Reading Pride.

This is not a satirical website:

The definition of ‘Trans’ used here is taken from Stonewall’s own guidance:

Footage from MyGenderation’s coverage of Brighton Trans Pride, 2018 and 2019.

Footage from Gravitahn’s coverage of the McMaster University protest against Jordan Peterson.

Trans Rights Activists abuse taken from Twitter.

Footage of the A Woman’s Place meeting protest, September 2019, posted on YouTube by Charlie Asbo.

Germaine Greer footage taken from BBC Newsnight

Good Morning Britain footage can be found unedited on YouTube. Our edits were for brevity and to illustrate our argument.

Footage from Seattle Antifa’s protest against Woman’s Liberation Front (WoLF) taken from

Part Three: Worshipping Mangoes

History of Maoism footage taken from BBC News.

Interview with the Wild Swan’s author Jung Chang taken from Newstalk.

Jung Chang has also co-written a superb biography of Mao, avilable here:

End footage – about Mangoes – taken from the exceptionally good web series Biographics. Worth watching as many as you can!

Part Four: Autogynephiles

Dr Blanchard’s research can be found here:

Interview with Dr Blanchard taken from the excellent Dr Oren Amitay ‘s channel.

Part Five: The Upside Down

Footage of the 17-year old student in Scotland thrown out of a classroom taken from RT.

Jo Swinson’s car crash interview came from Five Live, and can be viewed in full here. It was edited for brevity.

The person calling into Stephen Nolan’s radio talk show is Cllr Séamas de Faoite.

This part ends on a joke from the superb Norm MacDonald, from Huff Post Live.

Part Six: Praising With Faint Damnation

Various abusive tweets sourced from Twitter. Most are still publicly available as Twitter aren’t removing them despite multiple reporting.

Footage of the assault on Maria MacLachlan at Speaker’s Corner is taken from Maria’s own YouTube channel ‘Peak Trans’.

The American kids badmouthing JK Rowling don’t deserve any exposure, so I won’t be naming their channel.


Magdalen Berns responding in her inimitable style to some misogynistic trans rights activist idiot on YouTube.

Part Seven: Statistics, Damned Statistics, and Lies

Owen Jones punching invisible bigots is from his interview with Stonewall’s Ruth Hunt. If you want to find this it’s on his own YouTube channel.

Most of the sources are shown onscreen.

The RaRE Research report can be found here:

Fair Play For Women’s research (we credited the source as Transgender Trend in the video, although both organisations shared the same information) can be found in full here:

Nicola Williams interview is from Good Morning Britain (the BBC don’t cover this issue with anywhere near the same frequency).

Erin Brewer gives a moving commentary on ‘trans’ children. We edited it very briefly for clarity and brevity. It’s still quite long, but we felt it was important and summed up a lot of how we feel on this issue.

Actually, that’s not enough. We recommend you visit Erin Brewer’s YouTube channel for more videos. She is amazing and sticks up for young women in the US who are being let down the gender ideology and trans rights activists. She has some brilliant interviews and needs to be listened to by more people.

Part Eight: Kids Say The Funniest Things

Some footage of Mermaid’s CEO Susie Green’s TEDx talk, along with slides she herself uses. Worth watching to see her ‘journey’ with her transgender child. Contains subconscious homophobia at times too, seemingly.

Worth pointing out that TEDx Talks are not ‘official’ TED Talks, they are independently organised events.

Nayirah testimony to congress is now widely available on YouTube.

Additional footage taken from 60 Minutes documentary on Nayirah.

Dr Littman’s study can be found here:

Quotes and footage taken from BBC Newsnight – Transgender Treatment – Puberty blockers study under investigation; and BBC Newsnight – NHS Gender Clinic – Staff welfare concerns ‘shut down’. Both from the BBC.

Kiera Bell footage from Sky News

There’s a few other bits and pieces in there, but they’re the main ones.

Part Nine: Mermaids

Footage as mentioned previously – Susie Green’s TEDx Talk, BBC Newsnight

Some illustrations from Psych2Go’s video ‘Sex vs Gender vs Orientation’.

Jameela Jamil message posted by Mermaids.

Olly Lambert video taken from this interview:

The remarks he made about Susie Green taken from this video by Posey Parker/Kellie-Jay Keen:

Susie Green’s abusive tweet appears courtesy of Twitter.

Graham Linehan interview from BBC Newsnight – edited for brevity.

Interview with Sue Evans regarding the Tavistock from This Morning. Edited for brevity.

Bob Withers interview from Good Morning Britain. Edited for brevity.

Hard to know what side of the debate India Willoughby is on, as she seems to appear on these shows just to argue against the guest. Almost like that’s her job and she doesn’t really care what the matters actually are. We could be wrong, but that’s the way it appears.

Footage from Sky News report on detransitioners.

And BBC Newsnight’s report on the same, including interview with Dr Elizabeth Van Horn.

Part Ten: Linguistics

Lots of tweets taken from various Twitter accounts.

‘It’s Ma’am’ footage from Refik Mehmeti.

Quick snippet from The Agenda with Steve Paikin.

Then a fair bit from Jenn Smith, talking to Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, edited slightly for brevity and clarity.

Norm MacDonald interviewing Caitlyn Jenner on Norm MacDonald Live.

Quantum physics lesson provided by Prof Stephen Hawking. (Actually this feels mean, during editing this video we all grew to love this person and want to hang out with them).

Alex ‘Lesbian’ Drummond interview from here.

The amazing Kathleen Stock speech comes from here.

Part Eleven: Intersex

Two videos shown at the start.

Tweets from Twitter.

Illustrative video from ‘them.’ (That’s what it’s called, we’re not judging anyone!)

Also from ABC TV.

Also from SciShow Psych.

And from the YouTube twins Anna and Lucy.

Laverne Cox from Self.

M Lamar from his own channel.

Graham Linehan and Claire Graham video used with kind permission from Graham.

Jessica Yaniv interview with Mark Hughes taken from Hughes’ YouTube post.

Part Twelve: Self-ID

First Women’s Liberation Movement march footage from UCL.

Evie Amati footage from YouTube – but can’t remember where!

Here’s an interview with one of their victims though. Both were very lucky to have survived.

#TheseAreNotOurCrimes video taken from Transcrime UK. We used three examples when there are a lot, lot more.

Then some more Jenn Smith to finish this part – listed above.

Part Thirteen: The Trans Prisoner Paradox

Lisa Nandy questioned by Julia Long and Venice Allan, posted by Kellie-Jay Keen. Edited for brevity.

Nicola Williams interview from Good Morning Britain as listed above.

Lisa Nandy interviewed by Piers Morgan from Good Morning Britain. Edited for brevity and not to make Lisa Nandy look daft. That was just a happy little accident, as Bob Ross once said.

Part 14: Bigoteering and ‘The Sneak’

Tweets from Twitter.

Black Lives Matter protest footage from Sky News and Twitter (unclear on some of the sources here).

Then more Dr Kathleen Stock – as listed above – to finish.

Part 15: Coda

Far too much footage to list here!

The music is ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ by Sam Cooke, performed by The Gits – fronted by the superb Mia Zapata (RIP).

Learn about Mia Zapata’s hearbreaking story here.

And here’s the full version of the song.

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