Wednesday, June 12

The State Media launch with ‘Gender Ideology’ documentary

The State Media are proud to launch with the release of ‘Gender Ideology’, a look at the rise of violent and abusive Trans Rights Activists.

The documentary can be viewed below in full, or in individual chapters for those who prefer it, on our YouTube channel.

The sources and resources used to make this video can be found here.

Feel free to donate to if you liked the documentary, to support us in making more video content like this.

We will not take any profit from any of our content, and any advertising revenue or donations received will be used to create content and cover any website hosting costs.

The State Media have been created by a small group of people tired of the lack of mainstream reporting on issues surrounding gender and the gender ideology, and the violent and abusive rhetoric of Trans Rights Activists.

We will be producing content on a regular basis that highlights these issues, looking at these matters from an honest, scientific viewpoint.

For more details on who we are, visit the About The State Media section of this site.

We hope you enjoy our content.

– The State Media Team

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