Wednesday, June 12


Ah, I see you’ve clicked on ‘Lesbians’, which means you’ve probably come looking for a few different things.

If you want to know the latest news affecting lesbians, well we’ll have some of that in due course. This stuff takes time but we’re hoping to appoint a lead lesbian editor at some point in the future.

Why? Because we think it’s important that people are represented as much as possible, and current groups that should be supporting lesbians are failing to do so, in a huge way.

Stonewall, for example, have been ignoring lesbians more and more as the years go by, focusing on trans issues instead.

Not just that, but news outlets such as Pink News are also more concerned with the trans people than lesbians, hence their website having a dedicated menu item for trans news, but no similar category for lesbian issues.

So we’ve dedicated a menu item to lesbians in order to try and redress the balance.

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